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Alcohol Test Kit

The Alcohol test kit pro series is a first-rate tool for admirers searching to check Alcohol levels in businesses, this tool comes with a probe that is able to read 0-200 proof alcohol, a traceable Alcohol meter, and a braid wire.

Drug And Alcohol Testing Kits

Our drug and Alcohol testing kits come with an endless amount of testing strips to help you get your business up and running quickly and efficiently, our strips are made with the latest technology and of how they work to quickly and easily detect your businesses drugs and Alcohol levels. The drug and Alcohol test kit comes with a tapper combo kit and a jar of scale hydrometer, it is outstanding for scale tests and others where proof of drinkable Alcohol is needed. The test kit also includes a scalpel, blade, and jigsaw, this will help you to cut the scale cleanly and easily. The kit also includes a box of test gloves, and a box of house rule ingredients, the test kit contains the hydrometer, the test tube, and the test mixture. The test kit requires use of the test tube to measure the Alcohol content of the food, the test mixture should be used to measure the Alcohol content of the food. The test kit should be able to measure the Alcohol content of the food by using the test tube and the test mixture, the home Alcohol testing kits from jar-to- jar offers you a top-of-the-line choice for level-one alcohols and other testing needs. The kits come with hydrometer, 1-100 whisky moonshine distilling test, 100 ml jar, and jar, they also offer a jar-to-carbonated drink kit to test rivers, ocean, or ocean water.