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Fire Hydrant Test Kit

The Fire Hydrant flow test kit is a practical substitute to determine if your Fire Hydrant is leaking water, this kit includes a need-to- know Hydrant hose guide and a test pipe. The test pipe is filled with water and then left to stand in the sun for a few minutes, the test kit will tell you if the water is high enough levels to cause a fire.

Top 10 Fire Hydrant Test Kit

This test kit will help you to ensure that your Fire Hydrant is pressure testing the kit contains the necessary items and guidelines to do a pressure test on a specific Fire hydrant, this test kit comes with various parts that can help you test your Fire hydrant. The kit also comes with a tool to push the parts out of the Hydrant so that you can check the and 14 air passages, this kit includes all you need to test your Fire Hydrant including:- -a gauge -a tool to remove the Hydrant seal -a new Hydrant sealant -a new water flow test -a check engine light -a bad water flow light -a pressure check light -a service manual -a Fire Hydrant testing kit the Fire Hydrant test kit from is a first-rate surrogate to check your Hydrant for proper function. The kit includes a new Fire Hydrant kit 0-60 psi and a set.