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Sterling Silver Acid Test Kit

The Sterling Silver Acid test kit will help you detect all kinds of Acid in your coins, it is likewise 10 k 14 k resistant, making it exceptional for coins with more than just Silver content.

Best Sterling Silver Acid Test Kit

If you're digging for a testing substitute for Silver in jewelry, this Sterling 999 925 jewelry test testing Acid solution tester is perfect, this test kit includes a solution to test for Silver content, as well as to store with the solution. The solution can be used to test Silver content in jewelry products and to adopt with it, this testing tool is unrivalled for Silver content in jewelry, as well as other testing needs. The Sterling review test Acid tester kit includes 10 k and 14 k Sterling testing stones, it also includes an 10 k and 14 k test bowl and test probe. This testing set is first-class for any testing purposes, this Sterling Silver Acid test kit provides you with everything you need to determine the value of your Silver coins. The kit includes a neutralizer to test the Silver content and a neutralizer for use at home, this kit is first-rate for use at home or in the office to determine the Silver content of your coins. The Sterling Silver Acid test kit comes with a neutralizer and with instructions on how to handle it, the kit also comes with an 2 Silver jewelry test Acid solution which can be used to test other types of jewelry. The solution is able to attack and remove all of the Silver content from jewelry.