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Watts Tk-9a Test Kit

This test peerless for use in your watsons® project, this kit includes a test kit, valves, and instruction manual. The test kit is exquisite for use just a few test valves from the to completely test your projects's valves, plus, the instruction manual helps you get the most out of your tests.

Watts Tk 9a Backflow Preventer Test Kit

The Watts regulator tk-9 a backflow preventer test kit 1500 psi case 1516-e1137 is designed to protect your equipment from backflow situations, this kit includes the regulator, 1516-e1137, and 1516-e1138. The regulator is an essential part of any backflow preventer system and Watts tk-9 a backflow preventer test kit is sterling for protecting your equipment from damaged or lost fluid, the 1516-e1137 is fabricated of materials that will protect your equipment and is a peerless fit for most backflow prevention systems. This watt test kit provides an excellent substitute to check your taps and fittings for any backflow situations, the kit includes a regulator, a backflow preventer, and minutes of time to check any problems that may have occur. The Watts a backflow preventer test kit includes a hard case and it helps to avoid potential backflow situations during testing, the Watts tk-9 an 3 valve backflow prevention test kit is designed to prevent flooding in 3-chamber systems. The test kit includes locations for the testing battery and brush coolers, as well as guide cards that direct you to the test fields where the test kit can be test, the test kit can manage up to 40 tests per day.